Moose Creek Red Angus 25th Annual Yearling Bull Sale
Monday April 8, 2019 at 3:00 PM (CST)   ::  
At the ranch, Kisbey, SK

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On offer  43 Red Angus Yearling Bulls






2019 Edition Moose Creek 2 Year Old Bull Sale
January 30, 2019 at 1:30 PM (CST)
   ::  At the ranch, Kisbey, SK

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On offer  80 Red Angus, Charolais & Red SimmAngus 2 YO Bulls

2 yr old scrotals 2019 & Leptin










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We will be hosting two bull sales each year. Our popular yearling bull sale that is the second Monday in April (April 10) and our 2-year old bull sale, on February 1. Both of these events will be hosted in our heated sale facility.

The yearling bull sale, April 10, is our 23rd annual. On offer will be 50 stout, easy fleshing February/March born yearling Red Angus bulls. These are the bulls that have helped make us a household name in the commercial cattle sector. They are the top 50% of their calf crop and are developed with soundness and longevity in mind.

Our February 1 sale will consist of all of the April/May born bulls. These bulls were born on grass, wintered lightly the first year, turned back to grass without any grain supplement and brought in once the snow flew. They are tough, athletic, powerful and help answer the request for quality, older bulls that aren’t “picked thru or leftovers”. They have been kept over specifically for this sale and managed accordingly. More and more customers are asking for the opportunity to purchase aged bulls from us and some would like to do it prior to our April sale as they are calving and weather/timing is always an issue. There will be Red Angus, Charolais and Red SimmAngus bulls available as 2-Year Olds. The Red SimmAngus Bulls come from hardworking Red Angus cows and Performance Simmental Fleckvieh Bulls, making true F1 Bulls with hybrid vigour.

We consign pens of commercial bred heifers to the Agribition commercial cattle sale yearly. These heifers are a product of our large commercial herd as well as a few that were purchased from our bull customers. The pen mates to these heifers sell privately off the ranch each fall with a select group retained to sell in the February sale.

In our purebred herds, the entire heifer crop is retained and bred each year. These females are all calved out and then culled accordingly. With this type of management, rarely are females offered at public auction. They can be viewed anytime where they are on offer privately.