Red Angus

The cow base is bred for a short fifty-five day breading season. The use of AI and ET work are used sparingly on selected few animals. The cows are bred to calve from mid February to the end of March with the heifers starting about a week earlier. The spring calving herd is bred for 45 days to start calving the first week of April. Fertility, production, easy keeping and structure soundness of both udders and feet are of the utmost importance. The cow herd is summered on both improved and native range, with shallow water lines to provide fresh water to the herd.

IMG_4757  IMG_4762
Red BWA Syringa 8U Red Moose Creek Queen 79S
IMG_4772 IMG_4811
Red Moose Creek Lana 94R Red Dimler Samarie 42T
IMG_4826 IMG_4844
               Red Moose Creek Lana 111S             Red AL DI Senorita Jewel 104S
IMG_4847 IMG_4856
                       Red JAS Berry 85T                   Red Moose Creek Belle 1R